Tree horoscope, tree calander, what tree have you fallen from, birthday cards
    to suprise you friends or loved ones.
25 juni t/m 31 dec.
2 -11 jan 12-24 jan 25 jan-3 feb 4-8 feb 9-18 feb 19-29 feb
Fir Tree Elm Tree Cypress Poplar Tree Ceder Tree Pine Tree
1-10 mar 11-20 mar 21 mar 22-31 maart 1-10 apr 11-20 apr
Weeping Willow Lime Tree Oak Tree Hazelnut Tree Rowan Tree MapleTree
21-30 april 1/14 mei 15-24mei 25 mei-3 juni 4-13 juni 14-23 juni
Walnut Tree Poplar tree Chestnut Tree Ash tree Hornbeam Tree Fig Tree

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Celtic astrology is the obscure astrological system practiced by the ancient Celts. Little is known about this native system of astrology, as it is only described in a few Irish manuscripts which have not yet been translated into English. However, it does seem to have been based on an indigenous Irish symbol system and not that of any of the more commonly-known astrological systems such as Western, Chinese or Vedic astrology.
The phrase "Celtic Astrology" has also been inaccurately used to refer to the "tree calendar" invented by Robert Graves, and inspired by his superficial study of the Ogham script. Graves details the system in his 1946 work of poetic imagination, The White Goddess. (source wikipedia)