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Here you can read all about the last discovery on computer technology.
For many years we thought that when we emptied the waste-paper basket of our computer, the software deleted the files we didn't need any more.
On 3 November 2004 we discovered that's not what really happens.

There are living microscopical creatures inside our computers and they are called Spijkies.They love to eat files jpg, zip, html etc. Every time you empty
waste-paper basket they have a banquet.

Spijkie when you defrag your computer.
Baby Spijkie Backside Spijkie
When you have thrown away many files they can't eat them all, so they adapted.
When your computer starts running slow you defrag your hard disk.

Then something strange happens, because al the files are replaced, the Spijkies start to quaver and a new Spijkie is born.

Because there is little space in the hard-disk Spijkies don?t grow they change colours when they grow older or when the are in a different mood.
When Spijkie meets a virus he becomes very ill and won't eat any more. So that?s way it?s not always possible to throw away a virus because nobody eats it.

They go to a quite place until the virus is gone.

Because Spijkies do a great job and the software manufacturers get all the credit, we suggested them to give them the credit they deserve on our E-card site and they loved it.

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