Her art: Sculptings, Paitings

Country: Netherlands

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Suzan Wolters comes from a family that has made art its business.
Suzan is now 49-years old and the daughter of Max and Niesje, who have been (and still are) active in the doll and teddybear world for 35 years!
Suzan's father Max is well known for his Publishing company where hundreds of books are published about dolls, teddy bears and other crafts.
Suzan's mother (Niesje Wolters van Bemmel) went as a young woman to a well known art academy in Amsterdam and started as a professional painter. Niesje painted mainly nudes and portraits and she worked many years for the Dutch Television, painting in commission for shows where they required drawings of animals and plants.
After her career as a painter Niesje started to sculpt in porcelain and she still does.

Suzan is a full time artist and have been for the past 25 years.
Suzan:"My love for working in clay is one of my most vivid childhood memories, I have been growing up with paint and clay, it was almost inevitable that I was being drawn to dedicate my live sculpting and painting. From my early twenties up to now I have been sculpting and painting, at first reproductions of antique dolls in porcelain, after that I sculpted infants in polymer clay and later my well known and recognizable happy plus-size woman in their full form.
I have always been enchanted with sculpts and paintings of big woman, in particulair happy ones, they are often so much more buoyant and graceful than thinner woman".

Suzan received for her sculptings several prestigious prices at International art shows in New York. Her sculptings are collectible items in Japan, the USA, Australia, Russia and Europe.

More about Susan and her paintings look at her website