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Why hammer E-cards, who would send a hammer card?
If we think how many people are busy with a hammer.
It's nevertheless an object what is indispensable.

And it is also still the first hand tool that people used.
How many people in the world are called hammer?
Thousands construction workers are daily busy to build and renovate houses.

Thousands of children build their own hut with a hammer.
And who doesn't know a friend who is rebuilding his house?
Especially for those people and all the carpenters of the world
a hammer card.
Below some examples:
 Did you knew as a matter of fact,
that hammers, were carried by kings in Scandinavia as a symbol of royal power. To indicate that their power came from Thor (Donar).
In love with a Carpenter? Is one of your
friends gone marry a carpenter ?
Are your friends having a burnout
after the rebuilding.

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