His work: Collage, Painting, Screenprints and Digital Art

Country: Australia

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The first time I used Photoshop in the 1980's I realized the power of a
computer to do what I was then doing by hand - using scissors and glue to
paste images together in a collage or to assemble images on film to be
photograhically transferred to silkscreen print.
I still spend a lot of time in front of the computer for work and pleasure
however I don't do printmaking nor collage anymore. My only art activity
otherwise is painting the beachside landscape where I live.
The digital techniques I use a quite simple not so because of a lack of
knowledge but out of preference. Too much digital art is slick and souless
and thus a certain crudity or obviousness of technique helps to keep it
anchored in the real world somewhat.
There's a subtle interplay between the painted landscapes and the digital
art. People with a keen eye will notice slight oddities in some of the
landscapes. That's because they were initially modelled in 3D software
before undergoing the transition to canvas.
The e-cards reflect this interest in landscape especially my local
environment. The background of 'Bamboo Boat' featured the beach where I then
lived as did 'Cottage'. Although it looks like fantasy people who saw the
card recognised the similarities with the landscape and the wooden cottage
that I lived in. 'Little Bird Visitor' was rendered in a CAD programme that
I used to design the plans for the house in which I live now and once again
peolple were amused when they saw certain resemblances.