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Digitaldrawn E-cards: not everyone who sends an E-card is interested in art, but we hope you get curious when you see a nice card and you want to know more about the person who made it.
That's why you find info about the artist and their artwork on our site
You can read al about them in the artist gallery or visit their website.

Al cards are specially designed for our site.
In the photo archive you find the original photo and the card we made of it, at the website of the artist you can find the original artwork
There are no pop-ups or disturbing advertisements so you can have an undisturbed search.

Beside the art cards we also have funny or crazy cards for different occasions.
All cards can be viewed at a bigger size then you used to at other sites so you can have a quick search.

We also have different themes: Spijkie cards, horoscope cards and the theme creative with vegetables, these pages have their own index page where you can find some info about the theme and links to the cards.

In our E-card collection also have E-cards with our own design that's why you find us in this gallery

If you like our cards and want to tell it to you friends you can use our promotion card it's the first card on the left.

Last but not least, we want to thank everybody who is helping us to make this E-card site a success