His work: Computer art, famous buildings

Country: Holland

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My name is Eric Swart.
In the year 1992 I started to make a digital collection on scale of old buildings.
The collection excist of famous Dutch and foreign buildings.
It takes a lot of spare-time to realize them, however the collection excist of about 24 examples. It took six month to create the Peace Palace in The Hague and five month the United States Capitol in the United States of America etc.
Other buildings are the Palace at the Dam in Amsterdam, the Basilique du Sacre Coeur de Montmartre in Paris, the Towerbridge over the Thames in London.

I use a digital program of Autodesk to create the buildings.
I have had expositions, and all the visitors were very enthousiastic and couldn't imagine that these buildings were realized by computer.
Many newspapers, radio and television were also very enthousiastic like the people who visited the expositions.
For more information and sale you can send me an e-mail or visted my website