Her work: Photographs of sand

Country : Netherlands


Minerals and fossils were the reason Alice started to collect samples of
sand.Because she was asked why she put so much interest and time in these small fragments she started making photographs using a microscope. This way she could explain and show how beautiful and diverse these fragments (sand) can be.

Sand consists out of fragments of minerals and stones , sometimes
completed with fragments of shells,sea-eggs (sea-hedgehog) and microfossils. Soon her photographs drew attention and as a
result people became aware of the fact that something so ordinary could in fact be so exiting.

In Purmerend (Holland), 1996, she was one of the founders of the first
Dutch study group committed to sand, the GEA Study group Sand. She also is a member of the Dutch Geological Society.

Alice is always trying to collect more knowledge about the origin of
sand and anything related to this subject.