His work: Photographs in color and in black and white

Country : Netherlands

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His father, at that time press photographer taught him the skills he needed to make perfect photographs.

Graphic design plays by the most photographs a clear role in the composition.
He liked nature more than press photography. In his opinion people don't always notice the many beautiful, often small things Also structures ask his attention. The rocks along the rock coast of France.The weathered wood of an old mountain refuges in Switzerland.
By his work in black and white he tries to replace the colors with the grey tints. From all the works he exhibited there are only two specimens printed.

At the Zeeuws institute for artistic skills, Wim Krull gave lessons in photography. Photos he made are in the possession of fans of him in Zeeuws Vlaanderen and the rest of the Netherlands, Belgie, Germany, Switzerland, America and Canada.Publications: Language of things and Ballad of the wood, are both devoted to the works of Wim Krull with short poems of Willem Enzinck