Her work: Pen and ink drawings

Country : Netherlands


At the age of eleven she got an assignment at school to draw an old fashioned carpet using pen and ink.

This assignment was the first impulse to her present work.
Her mother saved one of her first works for 22 years.
After several years experimenting with the little figures it was time to
try something new. She started drawing realistic figures and fill them up
with the little circle's, stripes and dots. Not many survived.

Drawing existing figures was not what she really wanted. The geometric
figures were her favorite ones. She wanted to use them for her
drawings. That way she could give shape to her fantasy. she started to
draw from the middle of my paper. While she was dreaming away her
drawings came alive. She could do this for the rest of her live

After all these years drawing in black and white she wanted to add colour to her work. That was not as easy as she thought, because a Rotringpen is not made to draw on paint, it gets stopped up. She also needed paper that was very smooth but not too smooth to paint on.

When she found the right combination of both she had more possibilities then before and she wanted to use them all.

But because she got RSI she made the last pen and ink drawing in 1998.
Now she makes digital drawings. If you visted her website you can have look and see that they are based on her pen and ink drawings she stared to make when she was a child,