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Hello, dear reader If your an artist you can expose you work at this
site as an ecard.
So people from all over the world can enjoy your work
You can join the artists gallery and we place a link to your website.

We promote you art in our news letter.

You must be the artist, and sole copyright owner, of your E-Cards
The first stap you have to make is to sent the url of your website.
We visite your site and take a look at you art work.
If you don't have a website sent us four of your artworks.
Submission selection is decided by the digitaldrawn webmasters.
We let you know if you can submit your work.

After your work is approved:
If possible we use some images from you website to make e-cards
after you approved them we link them in our site and in your gallery so
people can send them. If you don't have a website or have images
you want to mail us e-mail should contain your images or links to your images.

Images submitted should meet the following requirements:
File format: GIF, JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop
We also need : A discription of you self and your art in English .

We translate it in Dutch for the Dutch version of our site.
Your name
Your website URL

Thank you - We look forward to viewing your images!
Webmaster Digitaldrawn Ecards